1、what are the details about packing and delivery time?
For small packages, we will ship the boards to you by DHL, UPS, or EMS. The door to door service, you can get your PCBs at home. For heavy goods more than 300kg, we will ship them out by sea or by air. You can save on freight cost. Of course, if you have your own forwarder, we may contact them dealing with your shipment. And we use vacuum packaging.
2、Can I Request Quotes From This Website?
Yes, PCBQuick provides our customers with a powerful and easy-to-use online service for requesting quotes.  
3、What Shall I Do When I Find Problems With The PCBs Supplied By You?
1) If you have problems with PCBs supplied by us, please contact the correspondent sales  engineer within 30 days upon receiving the goods and provide the following documents:
a. Filled Customer Complaint Form.
b. Sending us to defect PCB pictures by e-mail. ( sometimes defect PCBs need sending back to us)
2) PCBQuick’s QA engineer will review our request and if the PCBs are non-conforming with customer specifications or IPC-A-600, IPC  IPC-A-610 class 2, we will process your request.
3) With your approval of the problem and reproduce the PCBs, there is no additional charge.
We offer low-cost ROHS compliant PCB prototypes with Immersion gold surface finish.

We allow multiple boards to be put on the same panel.

We will penalize many different PCB files on one panel for your free of charge.

Our minimum order is 1 panel.

We do free Design Rule Check and notify you if we find that your design violates our technological requirements or have errors.

We produce and ship in 3-5 working days after we receive your order confirmation.

We can do quick turn service for sample: 24hours,48hours,96hours in our production.