The influence of PCB manufacturing layout size of costs

The influence of PCB manufacturing layout size of costs

The general production cost of PCB is 30~60% for direct and indirect raw materials, including substrate, film, copper foil, solder resistance, dry film, drill bit, heavy metal (copper, tin, lead) and chemical consumables. The consumption of these raw materials is directly related to the appropriate size of the layout. Most of the printing factories will do the Layout of the circuit, the Layout will be made to make the assembly of the highest productivity. Therefore, the pre-production designer of PCB factory should communicate with customers closely, so that the size of Layout can be arranged into a working PANEL with the best utilization rate. To calculate the most appropriate layout, consider the following factors.

A. The minimum number of substrate cutting and the maximum utilization rate (cutting method and edge grinding shall be taken into account).

B. The size of copper foil, film and dry film should be matched with the size of the working PANEL to avoid waste.

C. When connecting pieces, the minimum size between pieces and the minimum size of the board edge reserved for tools or alignment system.

D. Maximum possible dimensions of each process or valid work-space dimensions.

E. Different product structures have different production processes and different typesetting restrictions. For example, the gold-finger plate should have a large spacing and a directional consideration in typesetting. The larger working size can meet the larger productivity, but the raw material cost increases a lot, and the equipment manufacturing capacity also needs to be improved, how to achieve a balance, the design criteria and the engineer's experience is very important.

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