High Thermal Conductive CEM-3 Cheaper Than Low Thermal Conductive Aluminium Base Board

publisher: KingFung International Limited
Time: 2013-01-05
Summary: high thermal conductive epoxy high thermal conductive materials high thermal conductive die attach epoxy
We have new material for High Thermal Conductive CEM-3 material,and the Thermal Conductivity can reach to 1.0-1.2W/mk..but the price is low.  It is Can be Instead of Low MCPCB board.So,it will help you save much cost.
High Thermal Conductive CEM-3
1. High Thermal Conductive   1.00  -1.2 w/mk

2.Tracking Resistance    CTI 600


FR4 material Thermal Conductivity :  0.36 W/mk, Price lower

MCPCB material Thermal Conductivity: 1.0-2.2 W/mk, Price High
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