PCB industry in China is developing rapidly

From: K.F International Limited
publisher: Cindy
Time: 2013-06-30
  A lot of data shows that the global PCB will continue to move to Asia (especially China).Over the past decade, the Chinese mainland quickly become the production base of electronic products and PCB.Overviewing the development of PCB industry in near a decade, China mainland due to the potential needs of domestic market  and the advantage of low production cost, attracted much foreign investment,which have prompted the explosive growth of China's PCB industry in just a few years.It is a multiple growth of China PCB industry in recent years, which is developing rapidly.

  In next a decade, strong economic growth in China will drive more consumption of electronic products, also promote the Chinese mainland to continue to become the world's largest PCB production base.In the long run, the development of the electronic information industry have broad prospects.Last year, the global PCB market had the growth rate of 5.6%.Forecasting global PCB market in the next five years will maintain a single-digit growth.Smart phones, tablet PCs and other terminals products will drive further development of the global PCB industry.
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