Knowing Your Customer's Desires

From: K.F International Limited
publisher: Cindy
Time: 2014-01-13
Knowing Your Customer's Desires
More than ever we need to pay special attention to our customers' desires and idiosyncrasies.Over many years of buliding PCBs for the same customer,a fabricator amasses a certain amount of additional knowledge about the custimer.For instance,special features on the artwork that would cause delays at other fabricators are easily indentified as international festures by a fabricator who has already asked the right questions. It is therefore crucial that these small details are documented and archived in a database of customer-spcific requirements.Having said that,there are certainly times when deviations from "what has been" and "what is" warrant that these questions are to be asked agian.Here again, it is good to have that background knowlegge of previous,so that the questions can answered easily and with less delay.
Another example pf this would be things not necessarily noted on a drawing or "read me" file,but are known as a customer's speicail "hot bottons" or undocumented requirements.This includes even things like packaging and shipping requirements not noted by the drawing or purchase order.With so many customers comparing fabrictors these days and scrutinizing the way we deal with artwork or fabraction anags,having that undocumented knowledge documented so that the questions or concerns be quickly resolved can give a big leg up on the competition.This frequently means the difference between and win and a loss when quoting.
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