The Fifth Indonesia Electronics Show INATRONiCS 2014

The Fifth Indonesia Electronics Show INATRONiCS 2014

The Fifth Indonesia Electronics Show INATRONiCS 2014
The INATRONiCS is the only specialized exhibition of electronic components and electronic products industry in Indonesia.By providing a full range of electronic products and services,components , electronic materials , assembly and electronic manufacturing technology , so as to meet the needs of the Indonesian domestic market. The Fourth INATRONiCS Show in March 2013 26-29 ( four-day ) attracted 200 exhibiting companies from more than 10 countries. while Taiwan and Singapore, in the form of pavilions, attended this event . The number of exhibitors is expected will reach 300 in 2014 and net exhibition area will be 8,000 square meters.

Open time: 2014.3.19-22

Venue: Jakarta, Indonesia

Market : Indonesia is located in southeastern Asia , acrossing the equator, Bordering with Papua New Guinea, east timor, Malaysia ; acrossing the sea of Thailand , Singapore , the Philippines, Australia and so on, is the world's largest archipelago nation. Indonesia's population of 230 million , is the world's fourth most populous country .

Exhibits: optoelectronic components ; PCB manufacturing&assembly ; semiconductors ; electronic ballasts ; embedded systems solutions and technologies ; cables, connectors ; switches and accessories ; production equipment, technology & design ; IT & Telecom ; LED, Lighting & Sensors ; automotive electronics and navigation systems \ metal parts & molds ; battery

Consumer Electronics: computer peripherals, audio / video and multimedia equipment , home technology products , CCTV, electronic security products , ICT and so on.
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