The Fifth Indonesia Electronics Show INATRONiCS 2014

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Time: 2014-01-20
The Fifth Indonesia Electronics Show INATRONiCS 2014
The INATRONiCS is the only specialized exhibition of electronic components and electronic products industry in Indonesia.By providing a full range of electronic products and services,components , electronic materials , assembly and electronic manufacturing technology , so as to meet the needs of the Indonesian domestic market. The Fourth INATRONiCS Show in March 2013 26-29 ( four-day ) attracted 200 exhibiting companies from more than 10 countries. while Taiwan and Singapore, in the form of pavilions, attended this event . The number of exhibitors is expected will reach 300 in 2014 and net exhibition area will be 8,000 square meters.

Open time: 2014.3.19-22

Venue: Jakarta, Indonesia

Market : Indonesia is located in southeastern Asia , acrossing the equator, Bordering with Papua New Guinea, east timor, Malaysia ; acrossing the sea of Thailand , Singapore , the Philippines, Australia and so on, is the world's largest archipelago nation. Indonesia's population of 230 million , is the world's fourth most populous country .

Exhibits: optoelectronic components ; PCB manufacturing&assembly ; semiconductors ; electronic ballasts ; embedded systems solutions and technologies ; cables, connectors ; switches and accessories ; production equipment, technology & design ; IT & Telecom ; LED, Lighting & Sensors ; automotive electronics and navigation systems \ metal parts & molds ; battery

Consumer Electronics: computer peripherals, audio / video and multimedia equipment , home technology products , CCTV, electronic security products , ICT and so on.
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