What is Heavy Copper PCB?

What is Heavy Copper PCB?


Heavy copper PCB with high-quality at factory price

What is Heavy Copper PCB?
With the development of power electronics products, printed circuit board industry is more and more important, especially heavy copper pcb. 
Heavy copper pcb, people generally use this name to identify a printed circuit board with copper conductors 3 oz/ft2 - 10 oz/ft2 in inner and/or outer layers. Over the years, power electronics products with heavy copper pcb have been in widely used in the military and aerospace industry, and products using heavy copper pcb are becoming the first choice of industrial applications. It's believed that market requirements will extend the application of heavy copper pcb in the near future.

Of course, heavy copper pcb is used for various daily areas, industrial control pcb board, high power distribution, heat dissipation, planar transformers, power connectors, and so on.

Construction of heavy copper circuit board is beneficial to boards, such as:

Increasing endurance to thermal strains.

Increasing current carrying capacity.

Increasing mechanical strength at connector sites and in PTH holes.

Using foreign materials to play their full potential (i.e., high temperature) without circuit failure.

Heavy copper plated vias carry higher current through the board and help to transfer heat to an external heatsink.
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