Do You Know What Does High TG PCB Mean?

Do You Know What Does High TG PCB Mean?


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Do You Know What Does High TG PCB Mean?
Have you known that what is high TG PCB? Do you know that what the high TG circuit board is used for?
The normal TG board is about 130℃. While the temperature is more than 170℃, the board usually is called as high TG circuit board.When TG of the board is increased,  heat resistance, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, stability resistance of printed circuit board will be improved.The higher TG, the better of the temperature resistance of the board.
High TG PCB is widely used, especially in lead-free.High TG PCB can be used for computer, communication equipment, precise apparatus and instrument, router and so on.
The difference between normal FR4 and High TG FR4 is that in the condition of hot, especially after moisture absorption, high TG products is obviously better than normal pcb board material in aspect of dimensional stability, cohesiveness, water absorption, and mechanical strength of the material.
The following are some descriptions of our High TG Multilayer pcb board:

 Material|-|FR4 TG 170 or TG180 (Shengyi)

Board Thickness|-|1.6mm

Copper Thickness|-|1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1

Soldermask Color|-|Green  

Silkscreen Color|-|White

Surface Technics|-|ENIG (1-3u")

Min Holes|-|0.2mm

Min Line space and width|-|4/4mil

8layer multilayer circuit board structure:

Inner Layer Core thickness:0.2MM
Finished board thickness:1.5±0.1MM
          _____________________  H   (Copper)
             _______________     2116*2(4.6mil*2) (PP)
             _______________     7628M*1(7.5mil) (PP)
             _______________     7628M*1(7.5mil) (PP)
             _______________     2116*2(4.6mil*2) (PP)
          _____________________  H   (Copper)
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