What is Aluminum Based PCB ?

What is Aluminum Based PCB ?


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What is Aluminum Based PCB ?
When it comes to aluminum based pcb,there are many names of this products: Aluminum clad, aluminum base, Metal clad printed Circuit Board (MCPCB), and so on but they all mean the same thing and perform the same way.
Benefits of Aluminum Based PCBs:
1.Heat dissipation:High temperatures may damage to electronics, aluminum can help dissipate heat.Aluminum can actually transfer heat into vital components, thus it can minimize the harmful effect that it could have on the circuit board.
2.Low cost: Aluminum is easy to mine and refine,because aluminum is a metal that can be found in a variety of climates,
3.Higher durability: Aluminum provides strength and durability to a product while ceramic or fiberglass bases cannot. Aluminum can reduce accidental breakage when producing aluminum based pcb board.
4.Lightweight: For its incredible durability, aluminum is a surprisingly lightweight metal. Aluminum adds strength and resilience without adding on any additional weight.

Applications of Aluminum based PCB:
  Although aluminum based pcb boards are widely used in power converters and LEDs ,Automotive and RF companies are also looking to making the full use of aluminum based pcb.
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