What is Copper Based PCB ?

What is Copper Based PCB ?


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What is Copper Based PCB ?
What is Copper Based PCB ?
Copper based pcb is the most expensive one in the metal core pcb.Thermal conductivity is better than aluminum based pcb. Copper core pcb is suitable for high-frequency circuits, as well as a area with great temperature difference and heat radiation of precision communications equipment and architectural industry. Copper based pcb circuit requires a great deal of current-carrying capacity, which should be used with a thick copper foil, the thickness is usually 35μm~280μm. Thermal insulation layer, which has small heat resistance,excellent viscosity property,and ability of mechanical and thermal stress,is the core technology of the copper based pcb.

    Copper based metal board is copper based pcb supporting member, requiring high thermal conductivity, usually copper,and you can also use copper (copper board provides better thermal conductivity), which is suitable for conventional mechanical processing such as drilling, punching and cutting.

 Advantages of Copper Based PCB:
1.Environmental Friendly:due to copper based pcb doesn’t include metal material,it won’t pollute environment.

2.heat radiation:Copper has excellent heat radiation,which makes the copper core printed circuit board to be more stable.

3.Lightweight:It has no occasion to install radiator.The volume is greatly reduced, and the machinability of the products is greatly improved.
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