Benefits of Using Flex Circuit Boards

Time: 2017-10-27
Summary: Flexible circuit boards are made with polyimide as the standard base material, capable of as many as 200,000 bending cycles.
Advantages of Using FPC
Most of our daily existence with a wide range of mobile phone, including electronic equipment in medical equipment, clothing, computer, server and so on, regardless of their size, shape, and use. Although most of the equipment is flexible, efficient and lightweight, but they have a common point, each including at least one flexible printed the circuit board has several advantages. The use of flexible circuit board in the rigid type usually. These are listed below in order of their importances.
Highly flexible
As the name implies, flex circuit board to provide the most outstanding advantage is flexibility. The elastic characteristics of the flexible circuit allows them to be packaging, folding, and folding and positioning around the edge. This means that, in all three axes are required to connect the electronic devices, especially useful flex circuit. It also means that the flexible circuit can almost replace all wiring, eliminates the breakdown of cable connection, so as to improve the reliability of equipment weight and space savings.
Bending plasticity
Usually, the flexible circuit board only equipment wire weight and space 10%. due to light weight, light weight, the bending circuit can greatly reduce the size and weight of the equipment in the 60% degree compared to the the use of rigid pcb or harness. Bending cycle flexible circuit board based on polyimide substrate material for manufacturing standards, the bending cycle up to 200000 times. Again, this eliminates the connectors and wiring harness Devices with moving parts, obstacles such as printers, medical equipment and advanced mobile phone. 
Designs advantages
Designers can reduce the economic cost of material packaging and assembly of finished products, because the polyimide film is thin and flexible to a smaller area. This is reflected in the final assembly of products, because it reduces the cost of assembling the PCB. For example, flex the circuit eliminates the wiring error, it offers advantages such as reducing the test time and rework. 
Designers love to use flex circuit, because they provide impedance control, reduce noise, improve signal integrity and reliability. For example, the rigid flexible PCB, HDI micro hole, provides an alternative multilayer flexible printed circuit board is cheap.
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