why convert PCB files to GERBER files and drill data to the PCB manufacturer?

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Time: 2017-12-27
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why convert PCB files to GERBER files and drill data to the PCB manufacturer?
  Electronic engineers and PCB engineers understand the PCB differently. The GERBER files converted from the PCB factory may not be what you want.For example, when you design the parameters of a component in a PCB file, you do not want to display these parameters on the finished PCB. If you do not explain it, the PCB factory will leave these parameters on the finished PCB. Converting PCB files to GERBER files yourself avoids such incidents.
  GERBER file is an international standard optical format file, it contains RS-274-D and RS-274-X two formats, which RS-274-D is called the basic GERBER format, and to be accompanied by the D code file A complete description of a graphic; RS-274-X known as the extended GERBER format, which itself contains the D code information. Commonly used CAD software can generate these two formats.
  How to check the correctness of the generated GERBER? All you need to do is import these GERBER and D-Code files in the freeware Viewmate V6.3 to see them on the screen or by using a printer.
  Drilling data can also be generated by a variety of CAD software, the general format Excellon, Viewmate can also be displayed. No drilling data can not make PCB.
  Converting a PCB file to a GERBER file and drilling data is very necessary for the PCB manufacturer.

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