Basic components of LED lamps

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Time: 2018-07-18
Is the LED lamps and lanterns is now a lot of household and commercial common lamps and lanterns, sales of LED lamps and lanterns also presents the rising trend, so for the LED lamps and lanterns of some common sense I think we are all need to look at, here we just simply introduce for you about the LED lamps and lanterns of some of the major parts.

The main components of LED lighting products are: LED light-emitting diode, PCB circuit board and shell. These three kinds of materials constitute the main body of lighting products, and also determine the quality of lighting products. The following is a brief description of the effect of three materials on lighting products.

1. LED light-emitting diode:
The luminance of LED is determined by the luminance of bare core of LED chip and the appearance of lamp body package. Its life is determined by the working environment and quality of LED chip. In particular, the standard sizes of LED chips used in LED lighting products are: red, yellow, 12mil, blue and green 14mil, but also 8-10mil chips. The brightness of a chip of different sizes can be the same, but its lifetime is completely different, because the larger the charge per unit area, the shorter its lifetime. This is also why luminescent diodes are priced differently.
As the carrier of the light source, the circuit board directly affects the life and failure rate of the lamp. All the electronic circuits of LED lighting products are on PCB circuit boards. Its materials and processing technology will directly affect the quality and life of the products. The material of the circuit board is divided into three types: full glass fiber, half glass fiber and board. The standard material of LED lamp decoration products should be glass fiber double panel, if use glass fiber or board single panel, its later welding quality and moisture-proof, anti-aging ability and electrical properties will be greatly reduced.
3. Shell:
The outer shell ACTS as the light mixing layer and protective layer of the lamp product, which also affects the effect and life of the lamp product. The engineering new material that USES now is PC commonly (polycarbonate), its anti - aging, anti - ultraviolet, anti - impact effect is best. Also useful PMMA(acrylic), its weather resistance is slightly less than, and brittleness is larger and fragile. The PC material itself is colorless and can be processed into PC tubes of different colors by adding different color agents as required. Commonly used PC tube is transparent and milky white two kinds. The luminance of transparent tube is higher than that of milky white, but the color mixing of milky white is better than that of transparent tube.

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