1 min choose LED table lamp

1 min choose LED table lamp


How to choose led table lamp:

1, Lumen is a brightness indicator.

2, Kelvin expresses the color temperature, which is the color of light.

3, Next is the color rendering index.

1 min choose LED table lamp

1,Lumen is a brightness indicator. 

The higher the value, the brighter the bulb. 

For incandescent lamps, the conversion of Lum and Watt is approximately 10 Lum: 1 watt and the LED lamp is approximately 100 Lum: 1 watt. 

It can be seen that the efficiency of LED lamps far exceeds the efficiency of incandescent lamps, saving 90% of energy consumption.


2,Kelvin expresses the color temperature, which is the color of light.

3,Next is the color rendering index. 

The higher the value, the better. 

Before the LED was only 60, the index of incandescent lamps was 100, and the so-called incandescent eye protection was mainly for this reason. 

With the advancement of LED technology, some excellent products have exceeded 90, and the mainstream is also 80-85. 

If it is low, it will not be used.

In addition, it takes a while for the LED and the energy saving lamp to reach maximum brightness after being turned on. In general, 30 seconds is almost the same, which is not the focus of most people.

There are many bulbs with adjustable brightness on the market. This product is relatively more expensive. I personally think this is a good choice, but be careful that the installation may be inconsistent with the lamp holder, causing additional noise. 

As for the life of LED lights and energy-saving lamps, it can be said that there is absolutely no need to worry.

As can be seen from the above figure, the Kelvin index is a very important indicator. High K values, such as daylight, help to focus and reflect the actual color of the object. Low K values, such as light at sunset, are softer and help to fall asleep.

Therefore, it is recommended that the study and kitchen be 4500K-5500K, the bedroom is 2700K, and the bathroom living room is 2500k-4500k.

As for LEDs and energy-saving lamps, LEDs have grown to the present, and they are almost completely superior to energy-saving lamps. However, LED lamps to lack high-brightness products, and LED lamps of 1000 lumens or more are relatively small, and 2000 Lumen energy-saving lamps can also be purchased. 

On the other hand, LED lights are still slightly more expensive than energy-saving lamps. I think this investment is worth it.

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