Alibaba Sepiember purchasing festival and PCBQUICK

Alibaba Sepiember purchasing festival and PCBQUICK


Sepiember purchasing festival,pcb fabrication and assembly,

Alibaba Sepiember purchasing festival and PCBQUICK
As September approaches, the alibaba online global international purchasing festival will start on 9.4. September is the peak manufacturing season for traditional industries. Are people still worried about the purchase of raw materials and parts? PCBquick takes you through the event details and ways to get some value for money.
First of all, let's learn about the requirements of this activity for suppliers:
1. The supplier's credit guarantee service shall be in the normal lighting state, and no one can sign up for and participate in the procurement festival in September when the lights are temporarily on or off.

2. The registration of the event venue will be judged by the supplier's business star rating in August, and the registration will be open to customers with two or more stars or one star as the priority.

3. The suppliers of the event venue shall also ensure that a corresponding number of standardized commodities have been released at the time of registration.
What advantage will these requirements have on our buyers? Credit protection services can help us improve security and prevent commercial fraud. Merchant star level can indirectly help us identify the supplier's own strength, and avoid various quality or delivery problems in later cooperation. Standardization of goods is the most important point, if you are faced with thousands of options at ordinary times, a random search is a large number of unrelated results. Standardized products can more accurately let buyers find their own products, and avoid wasting unnecessary time and energy.

In this international procurement festival, platform and business also launched a variety of preferential activities: gift roll, the full amount of relief, free sample delivery, you can not waste oh.

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