How to choose a suitable PCB manufacturer

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Time: 2018-08-23

With the rapid development of the integrated circuit industry, the demand for PCB is only increasing without decreasing, and the market demand is huge. PCB is the so-called printed circuit board, which is the support of electronic components and an indispensable carrier for electronic printing. Meanwhile, there are many PCB manufacturers.Then how can we select the most suitable suppliers?Paul, who has worked in the PCB industry for many years, shares a bit of experience here.
PCBQucik  make several presentations based on requirements:
One, be aware of the overall measure of production strength
Manufacturers with good reputation of PCB production must have strong production strength as the basis. The quality of production strength is directly related to contract performance and PCB quality. By understanding the production scale and equipment perfection of PCB manufacturers, we can intuitively judge the comprehensive strength of PCB manufacturers. Note that production power is not capacity, but a combination of manufacturing techniques and worker skills.We need to choose suppliers based on our production volume -- it is better for both parties to cooperate in an equal position than to blindly find a big factory.
Two, look at PCB products
There are many kinds of PCB circuit boards. In the process and production research and development, a variety of high-end technical support is needed. To know whether the products produced by the manufacturer conform to our purchasing requirements, we can first ask the manufacturer to provide some PCB PCB samples. We can judge the strength and professional level of the manufacturer by the quality of these samples.
Third, pay attention to professional quality inspection personnel
Every PCB manufacturers with quality inspection personnel to carry on the PCB finished product testing, testing through to the finished product transfer to the customer, professional quality and level of PCB is directly related to product quality, so the quality guaranteed PCB manufacturers are very high to the requirement of quality inspection personnel, there will be a strict quality inspection process and inspection standard, so we should be paid attention to in the process of choosing PCB manufacturer understand its quality inspection standards and procedures, etc. Generally, we will go to the factory for field visit before cooperation. We must understand the management and site details of the factory. After all, the implementation of a good system has a great impact on products.
Four, the PCB manufacturer reputation
The reputation of PCB PCB manufacturers can be reflected in many aspects, such as business license, honor certificate, cooperative customers, etc. In addition, we can also learn whether the manufacturer has good reputation through the manufacturer's commitment to the customer.
Five, the PCB manufacturer service
A good PCB manufacturer, of course, needs good service. The purchase of PCB needs to involve various issues, such as product process, product use, product warranty period, etc., and a perfect service system is needed. And we can communicate with the manufacturer about the pre-sales service. Can we give detailed product introduction to the customer? Can we be patient and solve customer problems quickly? After - sales service is to see if the manufacturer can provide package replacement, warranty, technical guidance and other possible problems in the later period to resolve.
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