September Purchasing Festival

September Purchasing Festival


PCB board orders reach USD1500 for samples.

Free samples for the next consumption, limited to the FR4 double panel, quantity 10PCS

Price: Up to 30% off.

Time: Sep 4th-30th

September Purchasing Festival

1, Big sales promotion:

1)Buy our $1 coupon, you can get $50 cash!

2)After you place an order amount of $1500.

2, Time: 

1)The time to purchase coupons will last until September 30th.

2)Your coupon usage time: before December 31, 2018.

3, Quota: TOP 50

4, My advice is: not everyone has a chance to get 50 times the income.

5,Please hurry and contact me.

Price: 1 USD/M
Time: Sep 4th-30th

Price: Up to 20% Off
Time: Sep 4th-30th
Price: Up to 30% Off
Time: Sep 4th-30th

1,100% laser cut;
2,Electro-polishing for the surface treatment;
3,Anti-ultrasonic cleaning, providing for longer stencil life.