3 minutes to understand the 4 functions of the humidifier.

3 minutes to understand the 4 functions of the humidifier.


Today we are going to talk about the 4 functions of a humidifier in life.

We need a lot of resources to help us live on the earth. Besides air, water, sunshine, and other resources, humidity is also essential. Relevant scientific research data show that air humidity is closely related to human health and daily life, people in the most suitable and comfortable environment in the body, thinking and so on will be in the best state.

Today we are going to talk about the 4 functions of a humidifier in life.

1. Relieve indoor drying

Under the wide use of air conditioning, many people will have tight skin, dry tongue, cough, cold and other air conditioning diseases. In the process of atomization, a humidifier can effectively increase indoor humidity, moisten the dry air, and combine with the floating smoke and dust in the air to precipitate, to a certain extent, remove the smell of paint, mold, smoke, and odor, making the air fresher.

2. Prevent furniture from speeding up.

Studies have shown that furniture, books or musical instruments can accelerate aging, deformation, and even cracking in dry environments, requiring indoor humidity of 45% - 65% RH to preserve the above items, while indoor humidity in winter is far below this standard.

3. To relieve dry eye.

The use of atomization humidification equipment in air-conditioned rooms can reduce air dryness, but also bring good news to dry eye patients. Keep the humidifier close to you and keep it in the lowest gear, with moderate fog and low sound. It is much better to keep your eyes working in a relatively humid environment than not using a humidifier.

4. Moisturize your skin.

Medical research has shown that dryness can accelerate the loss of water in the body, so that skin fiber loss of toughness leading to breakage, the formation of irreparable wrinkles, accelerate the aging of the body. Abnormal dry autumn and winter seasons cause the excessive loss of skin moisture. The use of humidifier to play a certain role in moisturizing the skin, promote facial cell blood circulation and metabolism, relieve nervous tension, make you radiant.

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