What determines the price of the PCB board?

What determines the price of the PCB board?

What determines the price of the PCB board?
The price of PCB is something that many people are confused about all the time, and many customers will wonder how these prices are calculated when they place orders online on PCBQUICK. Let's talk about some of the factors that determine the price of a PCB.
1.Different materials used in PCB lead to different prices
For example, the common double-panel is FR4 (SYTECH, KingBoard), the thickness of the plate ranges from 0.2mm to 3.0mm, and the thickness of copper ranges from 0.5oz to 3oz. So one item on the board creates a huge price difference.

2.Different surface treatment processes result in different prices
Common are: OSP, HAL,HAL(lead-free), ENIG, Fladh Gold, and some combination processes

3.Price diversity due to different difficulty of PCB itself
PCB aperture size of 0.2mm and line width of 4mil are also important price points. Secondly, there are some designs that do not go through the common process, such as half-hole, blind hole, hole in the plate, press the key board to print carbon oil.

4.Different thickness of copper foil leads to different prices
Common thickness of copper foil:18um(1/2oz),35um(1oz),70um(2oz),105um(3oz

5.Customer quality acceptance criteria

6.Mold fee and test rack
Mold cost, sample and small batch is generally used to drill and mill shape, do a large number of requirements on the die punching plate.Test fee, the sample is generally used to test flying needle, the batch will open test rack
7.Order quantity/delivery time
The smaller the quantity, the more expensive the price. Because even if do 1PCS only, manufacturer also must do project data, give film forest, any process cannot little. The data to be delivered to the PCB factory should be complete (GERBER data, number of layers of the board, board thickness, surface treatment, ink color, character color and some special requirements should be written clearly).
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