Challenging project: lighting project of the ZhuHai-Hong Kong-Macao bridge

Challenging project: lighting project of the ZhuHai-Hong Kong-Macao bridge


The most challenging project in the world today, in which we LED plays an indispensable role.The most advanced leading LED lighting technology shows its unique charm here.

Challenging project: lighting project of the ZhuHai-Hong Kong-Macao bridge
At 9 am on October 24, the Hong Kong-ZhuHai-Macao bridge, widely regarded as the most challenging project in the world, was officially opened to traffic. The Hong Kong-ZhuHai-Macao bridge, with a total length of 55 kilometers, is the world's longest span bridge across the sea. The Hong Kong-ZhuHai-Macao bridge connects Hong Kong to the east and ZhuHai and Macao to the west. It is the most technically complex, environmentally friendly and high-standard "super project" in the history of China's bridge construction.

Different from general buildings, bridge lighting must meet the requirements of functional lighting and artistic beauty. Functional lighting requires the bridge's horizontal illumination, vertical illumination, evenness, anti-glare, security and other technical indicators to be considered in the lighting design. In addition, landscape lighting cannot be neglected.

It is understood that all night scene lighting is divided into two parts of the functional lighting and decorative lighting, and adopted the 6718 tunnel lights, 1280 bridge road lighting, 1280 Bridges fog lamps, 458 light bridge landscape lighting, 41 aviation obstacle lights, 200 light toll plaza lighting, night view lighting design pays attention to rhythm of ups and downs, especially the island as a "wall of jade", is a key to build the core region of illumination light.In order to highlight the "bright feeling" like the "pearl" of the building, the overall illumination of the landscape will be much lower than that of the building on the basis of ensuring safety.
1.Lightening mask lighting: use the design concept of the light-blind lamp, make light shield structure, and provide car owners with light adaptation conditions. Reflective luminescence technology can not see light, bright and not dazzling, for the tunnel access to improve security.
2.Wave barrier wall: contour lighting, with architectural beauty at night.
3.Indoor penetration: open the indoor basic lighting, a row of lamps along the window position need to be controlled by a single circuit, and the effect is warm and comfortable.
4.Exterior corridor: underground lamp illuminates, will the building texture feeling is highlighted come out.
5.East island steps lighting: the use of mobile decorative lamps, can be different time to change the color temperature effect, or warm, or elegant.

There are seven bridge towers in the three navigable arch Bridges in the main landscape area. Dozens of color LED floodlights are set around each tower. The facade of the main tower is brightened with narrow beam of light, which not only highlights the strength of the tower, but also keeps its gentle and changeful posture. The inclined cable nightview lighting adopts the narrow beam color-changing LED projecting light to track each cable. It not only Outlines the contour lines, but also shows the tension, beauty and rhythm of the strings.

Considering people's living and working hours, energy saving and other aspects, the bridge night lighting adopts the dual mode of daily and holiday, and the daily mode returns to its original nature, with white as the main color of the bridge. On holidays and holidays, color colors can be achieved through the color LED light. RS485 bus intelligent lighting control system is adopted for night lighting control. Combined with remote centralized control, automatic control and manual control, it can adjust the opening time and section as required, and effectively monitor the lighting color transformation and lamp status.

There is no opening at the top of the LED lamp. On the premise of fully dissipating the heat through ceramic heat dissipation technology, remove the opening hole on the top, prevent the invasion of water vapor in the salt fog, and improve the reliability of LED street lamp.

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