LED lighting industry ushered in healthy lighting era

LED lighting industry ushered in healthy lighting era

With the continuous improvement of technology, LED manufacturers' pursuit of lighting trend has gradually changed from the high light efficiency and long life in the past to the current high light quality and healthier lighting products.

Natural light full spectrum LED lighting development trend

Comfortable and healthy illumination becomes consumption new demand, what kind of illuminant is comfortable and healthy illuminant? Humans have been living on the earth for millions of years, evolving with the changes in living environments, but the only constant is reliance on and adaptation to the sun's rays. Therefore, it can be considered that natural light or sunlight is the most comfortable and healthy light source for human beings. So when health lighting products are introduced, manufacturers almost always use sunlight as a benchmark, similar to or even better than sunlight.

The spectrum of sunlight includes ultraviolet, visible and infrared spectrum curves, which can be called full spectrum. Full spectrum LED light source of natural light refers to the proportion of each band in the visible part of LED light source is similar to that of sunlight, and the color index is close to 100. The traditional LED light source, whose luminescence mode is mainly about 450nm wavelength of blue light chip, can stimulate fluorescence powder to form white light, which will lead to excessive blue-green light radiation and lack of some blue-green light and deep red light. In particular, some low-quality light source products can easily lead to vision loss, cataract, blindness and other eye diseases of different degrees. Therefore, high quality natural light full-spectrum LED light source has become a new trend of healthy and comfortable lighting development.

Uv chip + fluorescent powder technology is more suitable for healthy lighting

LED full spectrum light source at present basically has two kinds of solutions, a 450-460 nm blue chip excitation fluorescence powder, by improving the fluorescent powder to improve color rendering index and lights, Ra can reach more than 97, but still characterized by high intensity of blue wave, just cover band of fluorescent powder in order to improve the Ra and wider than normal LED R9, the continuity of spectrum is not perfect, and the intensity of each band ratio and there is a big difference between solar energy. Therefore, the advantages of this solution for healthy lighting are not obvious. It is mainly used for commercial lighting, and the high color index is its main advantage.

Another option is to excite the RGB polychrome phosphor using a violet chip to achieve continuous spectrum, rather than the absence of bluish green and deep red coverage like the bicolor phosphor. In this scheme, the light source is as close as possible to the solar spectrum, which not only achieves high degree of reduction and saturation, but also avoids the appearance of short-wave blue light. Light effect may be sacrificed, but there is room for improvement.