PCB manufacturing and packaging process in PCBQuick

PCB manufacturing and packaging process in PCBQuick


PCB board packaging points and procedures

PCB manufacturing and packaging process in PCBQuick
PCB manufacturing and packaging process in PCBQuick
China's PCB production capacity is expanding rapidly, and most of it is exported, so the competition is very fierce, not only the competition among domestic factories, but also the competition with the top two American and Japanese PCB factories. In addition to the technical level and quality of the products are affirmed by customers, the packaging quality must be satisfied by customers. Almost a little scale electronics factory, now will require PCB manufacturer shipping packaging, must pay attention to the following matters, some even directly to the shipping packaging specifications.
PCB packaging specification
1. Must be vacuum packed

2. The number of plates per stack is limited according to the size

3. Specification of the tightness of each layer of PE film and specification of the width of the edge

4. Specifications of PE film and Air Bubble Sheet

5. Carton pound and other specifications

6. Is there any special provision for cushioning in front of the inner board of the carton

7. Specification of resistance after sealing
8.Weight limit per case
Operating procedures:
A. Preparation: position the PE film, manually operate whether all mechanical actions are normal, set the PE film heating temperature, vacuum absorption time, etc.

B. Stack board: when the number of laminates is fixed and their height is also fixed, it is necessary to consider how to stack them to maximize output and save materials. The following are the principles:
1. According to the size (thickness) and (standard is 0.2m/m) of the PE film, the distance between each laminated plate and the laminated plate shall be adhered to the bubble cloth after the laminated plate is vacuumed while the vacuum is sucked by using the principle of softening and elongating after heating. Their spacing is generally at least two times the thickness of each stack. Too much waste material; If it is too small, it will be difficult to cut and easy to come off or not stick at all.
2. The distance between the outermost plate and the edge shall be at least one times the thickness of the plate.
3.If the size of PANEL is not big, it will waste material and manpower to pack in the way above. If the number is very large, can also be similar to the way of soft packaging mold containers, and then do PE film shrink packaging. Another option, subject to the consent of the customer, is to leave no space between each laminate but separated by cardboard and to take the appropriate number of laminates. There are also under the cardboard or corrugated to undertake.

C. Start: a. press start and warm PE film to cover the table by lowering the pressure frame. B. C. Raise the outer frame after the heater is removed to cool it

D. Packing: the packing method, if specified by the customer, must be in accordance with the customer's packing specifications; If the customer does not specify, it is also necessary to set up the packing specifications in the factory on the principle of protecting the board transportation process from external damage.

E. other matters needing attention:
1. Information that must be written outside the carton, such as "wheat head", material number (P/N), format, period, quantity, important information, etc. And Made in Taiwan.
2. Attach relevant quality certificates, such as slicing, weldability reports, test records, and dependent test reports required by customers, and place them in the way specified by customers. Packaging is not a university to ask, to do, when you can save a lot of trouble should not happen.