How to Maintain Pcb?

How to Maintain Pcb?


With the advancement of technology, PCB is used more and more frequently. So many people don't know how to extend the service life of PCB by maintaining it. This article will specifically introduce the maintenance methods of PCB.

How to Maintain Pcb?
If the PCB is not properly maintained and cleaned, the residues and component failures in the PCB may prevent the circuit from working properly and its service life will be greatly reduced. The following is the specific maintenance method of PCB.

Seasonal maintenance 

1. Clean up the dust on the PCB board quarterly. You can clean it with special cleaning fluid for the printed circuit board. After cleaning the dust on it, use a blower to dry the printed circuit board.   

2. Observe whether the PCB assembly has traces of high temperature and whether the electrolytic capacitors have bulged and leaked, and they should be replaced if any.

Semi-annual maintenance

Observe whether the electronic components in the circuit produced by the circuit board factory have undergone high-temperature traces and whether the electrolytic capacitor has bulged and leaked, and should be replaced if any.

The dust on the PCB board is cleaned quarterly. It can be cleaned with special cleaning fluid for the PCB board. After the dust on the PCB circuit board is cleaned, the PCB board can be dried with a hairdryer.

Annual maintenance

1. Clean the dust on the PCB board.

2. Conduct sampling checks on the electrolytic capacitor capacity in the PCB circuit board. If it is found that the electrolytic capacitor capacity is less than 20% of the nominal capacity, it should be replaced. Generally, the electrolytic capacitor should be completely replaced after ten years of service life to ensure the PCB circuit. The performance of the board.

3. For high-power devices coated with heat-dissipating grease, check whether the heat-dissipating grease is dry or not. For dry heat-dissipating grease, remove the dry heat-dissipating grease and apply new heat-dissipating grease to prevent PCB circuits. The high-power devices in the board burn out due to poor heat dissipation.

In order to improve the effect of cleaning the dust on the printed circuit board, we can choose to use a professional circuit board cleaning agent for cleaning. After the cleaning is completed, you also need to pay attention to using the fan to blow dry the circuit board in time. If in the process of maintaining the circuit board, it is found that the electronic components on the circuit board have experienced high-temperature traces or the electrolytic capacitor has bulged and leaked, then we must do a good job of replacing the printed circuit board assembly in time.

In order to ensure the normal working performance of the PCB and prolong its service life, we must do a good job of maintenance. If you still have doubts about PCB maintenance after reading the above methods, you can contact us to obtain relevant information and solutions. And we also have related customized services.

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