Equipment Tranformation and Capacity Improvement in 2019
In the face of market demand for capacity, as well as the improvement of production process. KingFung upgraded its facilities and production lines in early nineteen. By the end of march, the project will be completed and all production lines of the factory will be started.
Screen printing:
Improve the text quality of the products and reduce the labor operation costs,increased the process output to 15000-20000 square meters per month
PCB Polishing machine   Circuit Developing Line   Solder Mask Develop Line:
Added two auto board loading unloading machine, improve work efficiency and reduce artificial scratches
 Exposure Machine:
Change all the ordinary exposure machine to parallel light exposure machine,and added one more parallel light exposure machine at the same time to improve the process capability,increase the output to 20,000 square meters.
 Flying Testing Machine:
Added two high-speed flying testing machine, and there are 4 operation machine at present,so as to improve the progress of sample and small batch production.
Board Washing Machine:
 Added one finished board washing machine, separate the gold plate and the tin plate, ensure the surface cleaning effect of the gold plate and improve the production efficiency, increasing the output to 15000-20000 square meters.
Electroplate Line:
 The electroplating line has completed the carbon treatment maintenance and completely returned to normal production