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Group single side Aluminum PCB
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment all
Update Time 2018-10-24
Item specifics
Board Thickness0.75mm
Copper Thickness35um
Solder resist inkhigh reflective of Dainippon white ink
Silkscreen ColorBlack
Surface TechnicsOSP
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LED technology has revolutionized the World with high efficiency and low power consumption.
LED Circuit Board plays a vital role in saving power and prolonging the life of LEDs. The led circuit board serves both as a landing surface for LEDs and a heat sink. Furthermore, some types of LED PCB Boards are best suitable as they are designed to reflect LED light, hence supporting maximum light intensity.

When choosing your desired LED PCB, make sure it serves the purpose as the LED PCB requirements vary according to applications.

Choosing the right PCB is essential and so is choosing the right led pcb board suppliers
You can consult our pcbquick online engineer, who will select the right materials for you to serve your products according to your needs
• Fr4 PCB Raw Material
• CEM-1 PCB Raw Material
• CEM-3 PCB Raw Material
• Aluminum PCB Material
• Copper Core PCB Material
• Ceramic Base PCB Material
Thickness: 0.75 mm
Surface treatment:HAL(leed-free)
Die punching:11mm
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