PCB prototype manufacturing: LED traffic signal display PCB assembly

Group LED Lighting PCB Assembly
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment all
Update Time 2018-11-01
Item specifics
Board Thickness1.6mm
Board Thickness35um
Solder maskBlack
Silkscreen ColorWhite
Surface TechnicsENIG
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LEDs have already replaced traditional incandescent lamps in traffic signal applications for their high efficiency, low power consumption and long life. LED Traffic Signals use both high brightness & high power LEDs connected in a combination of series and parallel to build a LED cluster. To realize specific luminous distribution intensity, an additional optical design (lenses) is necessary. If traffic signals are driven by AC power, an AC-DC circuit is required to convert AC to DC power that is suited for LED driver to drive LED cluster/string. MCU is used to implement the control over LED driver so as to give correct traffic signals.

Features of Traffic Signal:

Minimum maintenance
Low power consumption
Compatible with standard signal heads
Optimal visibility
Even distribution of luminosity
High intensity light
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