Thick Film Ceramic Material PCB
Thick Film Ceramic Material PCB
Thick Film Ceramic Material PCB
Thick Film Ceramic Material PCB
Thick Film Ceramic Material PCB

Item specifics

Aluminium oxide/Aluminium nitride
Ceramic Thickness
Copper Side
Soldermask Color
Surface Technics
ENIG/Plating Copper/Plating Gold/Plating Gold Tin
Min.Line Width



Ceramic Material PCB is a kind of composite substrate made by directly sintering copper foil to the surface of Aluminium oxide or Aluminium nitride at high temperature through hot melt adhesion.
1. Good mechanical strength

2. Good electrical insulation

3. Good thermal conductivity and thermal stability

4. Good resistance to erosion and abrasion

5. The coefficient of thermal expansion is close to silicon

6. Various patterns can be etched like glass fiber PCB
Application Of Ceramic Material PCB

1. High-power power semiconductor module; Semiconductor refrigerator, electronic heater; Power control circuit, power hybrid circuit.

2. Intelligent power components; High frequency switching power supply, solid relay

3. Automotive electronics, aerospace and military electronic components.

4. Solar panel components; Telecommunications PBX, receiving system; Laser and other industrial electronics
Ceramic Material PCB available, open cooling application the development of the industry, because of the ceramic substrate cooling characteristics, combined with ceramic substrates with high heat dissipation, low thermal resistance, long service life, the advantages of resistance to voltage, with the improved production technology, equipment, product prices accelerate rationalization, and enlarge the application field of LED industry, such as the indicator of electrical appliances product, car lights, street lamps and outdoor large billboards, etc. The success of the development of ceramic substrates will provide services for indoor lighting and outdoor lighting products, making the future market of LED industry broader.