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aluminum PCB manufacturer

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  • Large LED circuit board for pcbquick

    Large LED circuit board from ShenZhen KingFung Technology Co,LTD.Board Thickness:1.0mm;Surface treatment:ENIG

    Min. Order: 1piece

  • high power pcb for pcbquick

    high power pcb from ShenZhen KingFung technology Co,LTD.Surface of anti oxidation layer,The side is half arched

    Min. Order: 1piece

  • LED soft metal aluminum plate for pcbqucik

    LED soft metal aluminum plate from KingFung Technology Co,LTD.
    Board Thickness:0.25mm,Single side printed circuit board

    Min. Order: 1piece

  • Metal Core PCB MCPCB

    Metal Core PCB MCPCB for Shenzhen KingFung Technology Co,LTD
    aluminum PCB material,high reflective of Dainippon white ink

    Min. Order: 1piece

  • led aluminum PCB for pcbquick

    Aluminum Circuit Board with Black Solder mask,aluminum PCB manufacturer for KingFung Technology Co,LTD.

    Min. Order: 1piece