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PCBQuick is a high-tech enterprise exporting samples and bulk-producing of p rinted circuit boards of many different configurations and models . The special services allow us to produce a PCB Prototype in only 24 hours . We have nearly 10,000 square meters production plants  And a great team that allows us to work efficient and meat the demand of all our clients. PCBQuick specialise in the production of sophisticated circuit boards designed with strict accordance to the requirements: HDI phone boards, communication boards, a variety of single-sided PCB, double-sided PCB, multi-layer PCB, high-frequency TG circuit boards, as well as aluminium based boards; Our products are widely used in communications, computer technology, industrial control, cars, urban social infrastructure and other high-tech fields, often exported to Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia and other well-known electronics manufacturers.The MCPCB division was established in 2012 year, research and development of the production of s ingle double-sided aluminium PCBs; Professional production equipment for aluminium PCB and suit for 1200mm (T8, T5) LED lighting manufacturers.We provide the following services:● PCB DesignWe can design a PCB according to the customer's own scheme or copy a PCB sample● PCB manufacturingFR-4 board (single-side, double-side, multilayer board, Hight Tg PCB)Aluminium PCB (High Power LED tube board)Flexible PCB  (Flexible LED strips)● PCB Assembly● OEMProfessional LED light (Flex LED strip, aluminium PCB) production, research and development as well as chip production and testing of packaging finished products shipped.● laser Stencil370 * 470mm, 600 * 600mmOur goal is to always deliver efficient PCB on time at competitive price.We will do our utmost to meet your unique requirements. If you have any inquiry or suggestion, Please feel free to contact us.WhatsApp/Wechat:13632989860 Email: buy@pcbquick.com